About: Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi

Chiamaka Enyi-AmadiChiamaka is a 20+ year old communications officer and content creator. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria and bred in Dublin, Ireland.

A recent honors graduate of University College Dublin, her work specializes in creative writing, copy writing and editing/proofreading. She has edited and contributed to Otwo magazine for The University Observer (University College Dublin).  Her work has been published in various magazines both online and in print. She has performed in festivals, cultural events and workshops around Ireland, and has worked with various arts organisations and publishing agencies. She is the current Communications Officer and blogs for the jewelry brand BYOS by Melissa Curry.

Her writing and videos are heavily saturated with themes of shifting and marginal identities, cultural diversity, bodily autonomy and self care . She aims to promote women’s rights and dignities, positive mental health and the importance of creative expression.

Feel free to contact her by email or via social media for creative collaborations and professional work, or just to say hi!



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